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Duplicate Degree Certificate Application Sample, Template and Format

Process to Request Duplicate Degree Certificate with an Application

Finally holding a degree in your hand after completing a hectic 4- year study schedule can be quite overwhelming. And it is only fair that one feels astounded as he earned that piece of paper which will decide his upcoming future. But do you know of one thing that is the exact opposite of what one feels when he gets awarded the degree? Losing it! The agony one feels at that time is beyond words- it’s devastating, distressing, excruciating.

“What now?” is the question that first comes into the mind of the person who has just been deprived of his golden ticket. Well as difficult as the question seems, the question is as easy. Getting a duplicate issued! And how better to do that than by submitting an application to the university management. Don’t know how to do that? How better to learn than by going through this article? In this article, we will be telling you all about writing a proactive application for getting yourself a duplicate degree issued with expert tips at the end. So stay tuned to learn more!

What is a Duplicate Degree Certificate?

A duplicate degree certificate is a replacement document for an original degree, which has either been lost or mutilated due to any particular reason. The duplicate degree is also issued by the same university by submitting an application or an affidavit.

Like any other duplicate document, a duplicate degree is also issued, in place of a primeval one, under certain predetermined conditions, that are, 

    • Loss of original degree.
    • Vandalism of original degree due to fire etc.
    • Theft of original degree.

The Process to Get a Duplicate Degree Certificate

Once a degree is lost, chances are that it can never be found again. So it’s best that the languisher accepts the reality and makes arrangements for the issuance of a duplicate degree. Now it’s pretty obvious that the duplicate degree will be issued by the same authority who issued the original one in the first place, that is, the university. Hence a letter will be written and submitted to the concerned authorities of the university requesting the issuance of a duplicate degree. Such an application is called an application for degree issuance.

Different universities have different procedures for reissuing a degree. The most common procedure includes the submission of the following documents with the university management:

    • Submission of application
    • Copy of final semester mark sheet
    • Affidavit regarding the loss of original degree
    • Attested copy of FIR in the nearest police station of candidate’s area
    • Copy of newspaper publication regarding misplacement of the original degree.

These documents, when submitted along with the duplicate degree fine ensures the person who has mislaid his degree, the issuance of a duplicate degree within a specified time period. It is, however, to be noted that after the issuance of a duplicate degree by the university, the original document will be canceled and its content shall not remain verified.

Writing an Application for Issuance of Duplicate Degree Certificate

Since an application requesting for a duplicate degree is addressed to the higher management of a university, it needs to be composed under decorum. Formality needs to be visible and courtesy should be given acute importance. In order to properly guide you, incorporated herein is the format of writing an efficacious application for duplicate degree issuance along with a sample for your better understanding.

Duplicate Degree Certificate Issuance Application Format

Mentioned below is the format of constructing an application to the university management so as to demand a duplicate degree, in place of an original one.

  • Date:-

The foremost component of an application demanding a duplicate degree is the date on which the application is penned out.

  • Recipient’s details & address:-

The recipient’s details are next in line. These come by leaving a line after the date. It contains the particulars as to the designation of the recipient, the name of the institute, and the name of the city.

  • Subject line:-

The next component is the subject line or the header of the application. It contains a brief overview of the essence of the application, capable of being perceived at a quick glance.

  • Salutation:-

Opening words of the main body are located after the subject line by skipping a line in between the two.

  • Main body:-

Then comes the main body of the letter. It comprises two to three paragraphs and a detailed reason as to why the request for a duplicate degree is being made.

  • Words of thankfulness:-

Courtesy is key when it comes to requesting a duplicate degree certificate. A line showing gratitude is incorporated after the main body.

  • Enclosure:-

Documents that are attached alongside the application are listed over here in a synchronized manner.

  • Contact info:-

The contact details are included after the list of documents. This bit should contain at least one registered phone number and a valid email address.

  • Sender’s details & Address:-

The last element of the application is the sender’s address on the bottom left corner of the page. It contains the specifics of the sender such as his name, father’s name, the department from which he/ she graduated, his registration number (optional), and his signature.

Sample Application Form for Duplicate Degree Issuance

Here is a sample application requesting the issuance of a duplicate degree on account of loss during transit. Make sure to give it a read and develop a better understanding of the topic.

Date: Dec 20, 2023

(Designation of recipient),
(Department Name),
(Name of University),
(City Name).

(Student Name),
(Enrollment Number),
(Department Name),
(Name of University),
(City Name).

Subject: Requesting a duplicate degree certificate

Respected Sir/ Madam,

This is to inform you that I, (name of student) was a student of (name of department) in your reputed institute. I was among the passing out batch of 2015 and graduated with an overall GPA of 3.9. It is stated that I have lost my Master’s degree during transit while I was shifting from Karachi to Istanbul. As you might as well know the importance of a degree particularly when one needs to get a job in a multinational company, therefore, I require a duplicate degree to be issued to cover the loss. Since I have come to Karachi to run a few errands, it would be preferred to be reissued a degree within the time period of my stay. 

Therefore, it is requested to kindly grant me a duplicate degree by the 15th of next month as I will permanently have to shift to Turkey afterward. 

Enclosed with this application are all the necessary documents along with an FIR signed in the police station of XYZ area. I would be available on both phone and email in case of any further concerns.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Enclosure: (list of documents)
Contact info:
Phone number: xxxx-xxxxxxx
Email address: [email protected]

Yours Sincerely,
(Name of student),
(Enrollment Number),
(Father’s name),
(Name of department),
(Signature of student).

Speed Up the Process of Duplicate Degree Certificate Issuance

It is of course in your hands to speed up the process of getting your duplicate degree soon by adopting following recommended tips:

  • Address the right person:-

Delivering the letter directly to the concerned authorities saves a ton of time as applications tend to get lost before even reaching the immediate recipient.

  • Attach relevant documents:-

Attaching documents alongside the application also helps in saving the time of both the university management and yours and will, subsequently speed up the process of re-issuance of your degree.

  • Include authentic contact details:-

Universities tend to confirm the request of duplicate degree issuance, therefore, it is advised to include at least one registered phone number and a valid email address for quick response.

  • Postal code:-

Including a postal code is a smart move as it, again, saves time for both parties in negotiating the mode of delivery of the issued replacement document.


This brings the end of this article. If you still have any doubts regarding the composition of the above-discussed application, feel free to use this template as your own by making relevant modifications.

With that said, this article has come to an end. Adios!

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