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As per university rules, every student is granted a degree upon completion of a specified course program at the end of a predetermined time period. This degree serves as an important document in terms of providing access to jobs to individuals. In fact, degree and diploma holders tend to come across 57% more job opportunities as compared to non-degree holders. It was also estimated that by the year 2023, there will 13 million jobs requiring bachelor’s degree holders.

Even though degrees hold a crucial position in an individual’s scholastic as well as professional life, it is not awarded to him right after passing the exam. In reality, degrees are awarded after the announcement of results and on a function specifically arranged in honor of the passing out fresh graduates, called a convocation ceremony or graduation ceremony. All this process takes some time, among which, an individual may come across several times in which he needs his degree. Under such circumstances, what he can do is that he can ask his university to issue him his degree beforehand. Such a request is termed as a request for degree issuance.

Application for Degree Issuance

Students can’t just walk into the principal’s office and demand a degree, can they? Then how to ask for their degree politely? By writing an application for it of course! Thus,

Such a formal letter in which a student solicits for his degree before the convocation ceremony is called an application for degree issuance.

An application for degree issuance is addressed to the head of the institute and contains the reason for the early issuance of a degree in a precise manner.

Under what conditions are a degree issued beforehand?

There are quite a few reasons for a degree to be demanded prior to the convocation ceremony. Some of these reasons are:

    • Student to be shifted abroad
    • Good job opportunity
    • Required document for admission in a post-graduate degree
    • Any other personal reason for not being able to attend the convocation ceremony.

There may be some other reasons for demanding a degree prior to the graduation ceremony but these were the most common ones. Now that we know the basic concept of an application for degree issuance, let’s jump on to the serious business:

How to Write an application for degree issuance?

A request for degree issuance erstwhile the convocation ceremony is not a difficult thing to draft. It requires a bit of basic knowledge and some common writing skills. What does matter is that you compile all the pertinent information resourcefully into one single application?

Penned down below are the format and a sample application for your reference and better understanding:

Format of an application for degree issuance to university:-

Following is the format of an effectuate application for degree issuance if your institute does not have any in particular:

  • Recipient’s address:-

The foremost element of the application is the recipient’s address placed on the top left corner of the page. It consists of the recipient’s particulars such as his designation, name of the institute, and name of the city.

  • Subject line:-

Then comes the brief highlight of the letter, also termed as the subject line. This header should be precisely put, so as to be read at a quick glance.

  • Salutation:-

Greeting words which also serve as the opening of the main body are called the salutation. It comes underneath the subject line by leaving a line in between.

  • Main body:-

The main theme of the application comes under this bit. It comprises a maximum of three paragraphs which contain all the pertinent details regarding the early degree issuance.

  • Words of gratitude:-

Thankfulness is a great virtue and in this case, where you need to depict courtesy, it adds to the efficaciousness of the letter.

  • Contact details:-

The contact details of the sender should also be incorporated in the application. It should contain a registered phone number and a valid email address.

  •  Date:-

The date comes next by missing a line after the contact details.

  • Closure:-

The letter is ended with the signature, name, and registration number of the student appealing for the degree.

Sample Application for Degree Issuance Before Convocation (.doc File)

University Name,

(Student Name),
(Name of institute),
(Name of city).

Subject: Request for degree issuance before convocation.

Respected Sir/ Madam,

This is to inform you that I, (name of student) have been a student in this prestigious institute. I am now among the batch of passing out fresh graduates for the session 20xx-20xx. I have completed my BSc in Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Chemistry from your esteemed institute and am currently awaiting my degree.

It is stated that I have received an offer letter from a well-known institute and I have to join in by next week. For that purpose, I have to turn in a few documents, among which lies my bachelor’s degree. As you might as well know that our convocation ceremony is going to take place after three weeks, we will be receiving our degrees there only. However, I do not wish to ignore such a golden opportunity and hence, require my bachelor’s degree before the convocation ceremony.

Therefore, it is requested to kindly issue me my Bachelor’s degree by the 20th of this month so that I may start my professional career. Your consideration in this regard will be highly appreciated. 

Thanking you in anticipation.

Contact info:-
Phone number: xxxx-xxxxxxx
Email address: [email protected]
Dated: July 15, 2023

Yours Obediently,
(Name of student),
(Signature of student),
(Registration number).

Tips on Writing a Degree Issuance Application Letter

Here are some of our expert tips on how to draft a purposeful application for degree issuance prior to the convocation ceremony:

  • Include a reason:-

This is the most obvious, yet most ignored aspect of the application. Include a reason for the early issuance of your degree.

  • Avoid grammatical errors:-

Try to avoid grammatical errors as much as you can a sit has the potency to destroy the entire charm of our application.

  • Address the right person:-

Addressing the concerned authorities helps in getting a quick response. Otherwise, your application will be lost in transit while reaching the concerned authority, let alone having a powerful impact on the recipient.

  • Revise and recheck:-

Double-check your application before turning it in to avoid any errors that you might have overlooked before.


If you have come this far, you must have gotten the answers to all your queries. If you have any other questions to ask, feel free to do so in the comments section below. 

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