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Florida USA Scholarships 2023-2024 to Study Free in America

List of Florida Scholarships in 2023

Admissions are open in US Universities on Florida Scholarships for the class of 2023-2024.

So, are you looking forward to studying in Florida? Do you wish to study in Florida under a scholarship award? What kind of scholarships are available in Florida?

Florida is not just a famous destination for tourist’s exploration, but at the same time, it has remained the first choice of international students to get high standard education services. Every year, hundreds of students apply to various Florida universities to get high-quality education in a variety of fields.

Why choose Florida for studies?

Florida has varied options of educational institutions such as state universities, or non-profit, and for-profit schools; from where you can acquire high-quality education in various fields. This includes fine arts, law, aviation, journalism, business, engineering, medicine, and much more.

University of North Florida (UNF) is ranked at the 6th spot as one of the Best Southeastern Colleges. This university is also ranked as Best Value College for the year 2011. Not just UNF, Florida has 5 more colleges that are part of this ranking list.

The reason why the majority of the international students choose Florida for international studies is because of the affordable educational expenses, fully funded Florida scholarships, and friendly environment provided to the students.

Average Living Expense for a Student in Florida

At any public 4-year institution, the on-campus living expense of a student is approximately $10,614 annually for the room and board. On the other side, off-campus boarders pay almost $10,441. Private or nonprofit institutions, all on-campus boarders will pay around $10,893 per academic year where the students living off-campus will pay $10,443.

List of Florida Scholarships 2023 – 2024

Winning a Florida University scholarship is the ultimate wish of every single student. But which scholarship program is best to apply to? Let’s have a look at the top Florida scholarships for 2023-2024 below:

  1. FSGA Scholarships

FSGA Scholars is one of the best scholarship programs which has been introduced by the Florida State Golf Association and our Future of Golf Foundation. FSGA starts their scholarship program in spring every year where a maximum of 5 golfers is selected from the FJT’s graduating class who are further awarded a renewable 4-year scholarship. An award of $10,000 is offered to the selected participants which result in $40,000 for each graduating class.

Eligibility: High School Senior

Requirements: Completed a minimum of 9 credit hours per fall & spring semester and should have competed in a minimum of three FSGA or the FJT tournaments. Applicant should have a household income of $100,000, photo, college acceptance letter, resume, tax return document, 2 letters of recommendation, and transcript.

  1. The Armando J. De Moya Scholarships

Next, we have, scholarship program offered by “The de Moya Foundation” This scholarship is generally given on the yearly basis for bachelor students in the field of Civil Engineering. It is awarded in honor of Armando J. de Moya who is the co-founder and past President of The de Moya Group.

Eligibility: College Sophomores, or College Juniors, as well as College Seniors

Requirements: Those applicants can apply who have acquired a GPA of 3.0 and are enrolled full-time at the University of Florida for their upcoming academic year. They should have their education as a major in the subjects of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Attach your photo, college acceptance letter, resume, tax return document, 2 letters of recommendation, and transcript.

  1. Drew King Legacy Scholarships

Drew King was a well-known extraordinary person who introduced a scholarship program after his name. This scholarship program has been introduced for the students who are facing major financial constraints to continue their studies further. The awarded scholarship amount is up to $1,000.

Eligibility: High School Seniors, or College Freshmen, College Sophomores, as well as College Juniors, and College Seniors

Requirements: The candidate who is applying should be part of any positive social activism change for at least one year. Applicants should be the currently enrolled students into a college in Northern California, Central Florida, or Northeast Florida or they should be a resident of Northern California, or either Central Florida or Northeast Florida.

  1. The Capek & Crossett Family Scholarships

Next, we have the most recommended program of “The Capek & Crossett Family Scholarship”. This scholarship program is offered as fun to all the young ladies out there who want to pursue business and academic success. It is open to various academic disciplines where the awarded scholarship will be $1,000.00. Every year, just one student will be awarded who will be the high-achiever.

Eligibility: High School Seniors

Requirements: Only females can apply who have the weightage score of 3.0 GPA. The applicant should be a resident of Florida. Attach your documents of the photo, college acceptance letter, resume, tax return document, 2 letters of recommendation, and transcript.

  1. Camille Collection Scholarships

The Camille Collection Foundation Scholarship is awarded to the students who are high school seniors based on their financial need, academic achievement community commitment. Through this scholarship, students are awarded up to $1,000.

Eligibility: High School Seniors

Requirements: Those students can apply for this program who wishes to continue their education at a four-year college or university. They have to provide documents of the photo, college acceptance letter, resume, tax return document, 2 letters of recommendation, and transcript.

Final take on Scholarships Available in Florida for Students

So this was all about a few of the best scholarship programs available in Florida in the academic year of 2023-2024. Every single scholarship program is different from one another and they have set their criteria and requirements for successful eligibility.

Without wasting any time, apply for the specific scholarship program right now and get a golden opportunity to study in one of the best Florida universities.

All the Best!

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