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Hope Certificate for Admissions and Scholarship Applications in 2023

When students are in their final semester or final year then they can utilize their time to apply for next degree program but for that they would be required to provide a Hope Certificate which is basically a letter of assurance issued by their college/university attesting to the fact that those students will graduate in time with good marks and this letter is called a Hope Certificate.

Hope Certificate is a kind official certificate of assurance given to an educational institution when submitting application for admission, job, or scholarship; that the candidate will pass the final exam with good marks based on previous semester’s performance. The hope certificate is issued by the principal of an educational institute where the student is currently enrolled and studying. 

In some countries, colleges and universities give admission to students based on their performance in previous all those semesters of which the result is available. In case the candidate’s final result is pending or the candidate is in the final semester then an application for a hope certificate is filed in college or university that provides assurance that the candidate will pass the final exam with good marks (based on candidate’s previous semester’s performance).

In that case, a hope certificate is required to be sure of the fact that the student, indeed, will be able to meet all the academic pre-requisites/eligibility criteria for admission into the next degree course, scholarship, or job.

Importance of Hope Certificates in Past

Earlier, in the 1990s, hope certificates were used as a bargaining tool for those sellers who were reluctant to sell something at a lower price and this certificate was used as an assurance letter that they will not face a loss in deal making it an outdated kind of insurance.

Hope Certificate Format and Example:

Academic Affairs Office,
University Name,

Subject: Application for Requesting a Hope Certificate for Admission Purpose

It is to certify that Mark Ashworth son of Gary Ashworth is a bonafide student of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and is studying in the twelfth grade. He has appeared in his SATs and has achieved 80% marks.

He is a very intelligent and obedient student and I am sure of the fact that he will perform even better in his upcoming final examination. I, hereby wish him good luck for his future endeavors.

Acting Principal,
Dr. Harvey Garrison,
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology,
578 Braddock Rd, Alexandria, Virginia, United States.

Hope Certificate Sample and Template:

The hope certificate is printed on the original/official letterhead by the headmaster of the college issuing it and with that you need to make sure that the date of issuance and expected date of graduation is clearly mentioned on this letter and lets have a look at its example:

Academic Affairs Department,
College Name,

Subject: Letter of application for Hope Certificate

It is to be certified that Mr/Mrs. __________ the son/daughter of ____________, the inhabitant of _______has remained a celebrated student of this school from ____ till _______.

He/she has yet to appear in his/her final examination of HSSC/FSC/A Levels. Given his/her past performance in this institution, I am sure that he/she will achieve at least 70% marks in his/her final examination. I can certify that he/she will prove himself/herself worthy of your expectations. 

This hope certificate is completely provisional and is not supposed to be used for getting admission.

Signature of the Principal,

Name of the Principal and official seal of the office,
Date: _____________.

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