Letter of intent (LOI) - Template

Letter of Intent (LOI) for Scholarships: Letter of intent Format, Template, Example and Sample

Intent letter for Scholarship Application

Individuals who want to apply for scholarships may be asked to write a letter of intent (LOI) or an intent letter. This is also sometimes called a statement of purpose or a personal statement. Essentially, the main aim here is for you to write about what you want to do in the future, such as what you plan on studying at college and what you will do with that degree after graduating.

This intent letter document serves as an important tool through which you can prove to the awarding body that you are worthy of the investment made by them and that you have the potential to excel in your field. You should also talk about your educational achievements, as well as any extracurricular activities that you have been involved in, which would prove you to be a well-rounded individual who is capable of succeeding in college and beyond.

Letter of Intent (LOI) Writing Official Instructions

Before you begin writing, it is important for you to be aware of all the guidelines offered by the awarding authority. You should know what should be included in the letter of intent. Is there any word limit? Should there be a certain number of pages? As for writing the statement, you can follow the general rules that are followed when writing cover letters for jobs or other business letters. You should add your personal mailing address on the left-hand corner at the top of the letter, and this should be followed by the date. Below that, you can write down the name of the person to whom the letter is to be addressed, as well as their street address. It is always a good idea to address a specific person if you are able to find out names in advance.

#1 Talk about Your study plan

You can start your LOI by talking about the subject or degree that you plan on pursuing at college, and how that is relevant to the career you have chosen for yourself. You could, for example, start off your letter with a sentence like: “I have always harbored a love for teaching, and wish to pursue that at Columbia University in New York City this fall by enrolling in the undergraduate program. I am interested in majoring in English at the undergraduate level. After graduating, I wish to enroll in a graduate-level program in elementary teaching and education. I am interested in research on how we can lead to improvements in reading instructions in elementary school classrooms.” Thus, you can clearly outline what you wish to do at college, as well as what you plan on doing with the degree after that.

#2 Talk about Your Passion

In general, it is a good idea to be specific and detailed in your statement. This is especially important if you are sending in an application for graduate-level scholarships. You should ideally have shortlisted the universities that you are interested in attending, and also be familiar with the names of certain faculty members whom you would like to work under. After you have discussed your plans for college, you can also talk about your previous academic record, work experience that is related to your degree, as well as any extra skills or qualities that can set your application apart, such as leadership or teamwork skills. You should be able to convince the scholarship awarding committee that you are very dedicated to your career.

#3 Here’s How to End it

You should wrap up the letter of intent by re-iterating your short-term as well as long-term goals. For example, you could write: “After receiving a graduate degree, I aim to work as a teacher in any public school in Kansas. I want to establish a committee that focuses on improving our students’ reading and comprehension skills. I hope to take on a leadership school at my school. I am interested in maintaining regular communication with my students’ parents since I believe that a strong home and school connection plays a pivotal role in allowing the child to succeed academically.

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