Resume (CV) for Jobs

Update Resume (CV) to Avoid Rejection – Do Not Recycle CV!

You got a perfect resume (CV) filled with your academics, skills, experience, and biodata details but what if i tell you that is not enough, and you still need to fine-tune your CV to make it relevant to each and every job you apply for? I advise you to rework on your resume (CV) before you submit another job application and this article is going to give you some convincing reasons on why you need to do so.

As an HR recruiter for a few years for some multinationals, i have gone through thousands of resumes and trust me it takes me just a few seconds to skim and reject an applicant based on seriousness and relevance of applicant’s resume.

1# How Relevant is Your Resume to Advertised job Occupation?

You need to ask yourself this question and then consider your resume in context of it because a company is going to hire a skilled individual to fill a gap in their company that would then perform a specific set of duties; therefore, you need to see if your resume is talking about those set of job roles which that company wants to hire a professional for. Just imagine if you will use same resume without any update as per job requirements then that CV will just market yourself to HR without making sense of whether you are a suitable candidate for that advertised job position or not.

My answer to this question is simple; do not hurry in throwing away your resume (CV) in mail boxes of companies for jobs and take time out to understand what sort of skillset, qualifications, and experience that company needs for a specific job and then market yourself as a solution to their all problems, so that the recruiter upon reviewing your resume would find all the answers that they were looking for and you’ll then receive an interview call!

2# Why Get Familiar With Company and Job Responsibilities?

Let me tell you a secret of winning a job in this section which as reference is the biggest reason for CV rejection among all big multinational companies. You need to get familiar with the term ‘CV Recycling’, this is the worst thing that a job seeker would do by sending the same CV to all the jobs which means recycling the same resume for multiple jobs. If you do CV recycling then there are near to zero percent chances of getting an interview call because this would paint you out as a non-serious and non-passionate job seeker in eyes of recruiters.

You need to counter this problem by tailoring your resume or CV to the company’s background, and job description by making some research. If you adopt this pattern then you will paint yourself as a suitable candidate for a specific job if your resume markets you as a right person for the job who seems to be capable of handling advertised job duties as per qualification, experience, and skillset mentioned in the resume.

3# Do Not Emphasize Your Achievements & Focus on Duties

You must not write a resume to impress recruiters with your achievements in your previous job roles and instead of that i suggest you to focus on mentioning keypoints about your performed job duties. This way you won’t be selling yourself short because a majority of other job applicants would be focusing on their academic qualifications, and career achievements while you’d be contrasting yourself to stand out among all by focusing on a specific set of job roles you pulled out in previous company as recruiters actually want to see the candidate’s potential with results and not just generic statements!

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