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Chiropractor: Doctor of Chiropractic Degree Admissions, Best Chiropractor Schools, Fees, and Salary Packages

How to Become a Chiropractor in 2021- Complete Guide Including Institutes, Educational Expenditures and Salary Package

Although we all need quick relief from our pains, taking antibiotics for quick recovery from any disease is never a good option. The reason for this is that although antibiotics result in quick healing of one part of the body, this quick healing comes at a cost. Studies have shown that they put an adverse effect on some other part of the internal organs. 

But the fun fact is that even though people are aware of the side effects of consuming antibiotics, they do not disregard taking them as they consider them, the sole method of getting relief from their pains. However, the reality is quite contrary. There are a number of other ways of getting treated and consumption of antibiotics should be at the end of the list. These may include:

    • Physical therapies
    • Acupressure
    • Homeopathic treatments
    • Cupping therapies etc.

Amongst these various methods of getting professionally treated, another method is getting treated by chiropractors.

Who is a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a health care practitioner who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular ailments, with natural methods, rather than by drugs and other surgical instruments.

What does a Chiropractor do? 

Chiropractors, as stated above, treat neuromuscular disorders, mostly related to nerves, bones, muscles, and tendons of their patients through manual adjustment of the spine. After the readjustment of the spinal joints, they allow the body to heal itself naturally rather than by forced treatments. 

Majority of the patients who require the services of a chiropractor have such health concerns as neck or back pain.

In addition to this, chiropractic therapists focus on and alter the physical environment and lifestyle of their patients. These factors include diet, rest, and other environmental factors. Moreover, they suggest ways that, if adopted, will improve the health of the patients in general.

Simply speaking, a chiropractic therapist helps in improving the health of his patients and providing long-term relief to them by eradicating the actual cause of their poor health.

How to Become a Chiropractor in 2023?

In order to become a chiropractic therapist, a person must earn a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C) degree and a state license. In this article, you will learn all about becoming a Chiropractic therapist along with the best chiropractic schools in 2023.

Time duration of Doctor of Chiropractic degree:-

Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C) degree programs usually take 4 years to complete.

Enrollment in a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C) Program:-

But in order to get enrolled in a DC program, a person must have a minimum of 3 years of education in any undergraduate degree program. 

In addition to this, a few universities require at least 90 semester hours in the undergraduate degree program while others require just a degree.

Furthermore, schools offering chiropractic programs have specific requirements regarding coursework in liberal arts and sciences such as biology, physics, and chemistry.

Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C) Subjects:-

People willing to become Chiropractors usually get to study anatomy, physiology, and biology in addition to classwork in various other subjects. Some DC programs may also include classwork in billing, finance, and business management. 

Students getting enrolled in a DC program to become a chiropractor get clinical exposure under expert supervision. This exposure helps them in making diagnoses and training for spinal assessment along with adjustment techniques.

Specialized Training:-

Some students, willing to become chiropractors, get specialized training in certain areas including orthopedics and pediatrics by completing post-graduate degrees that lead to diplomat qualifications.

Obtaining a license and getting registered as a Chiropractor

After completing the 4-year study of a Doctor of Chiropractic degree program, students are required to pass a National Board of Chiropractic Examiners exam, also known as an NBCE exam. Students passing all four parts of the NBCE exam are then awarded a license.

In addition, to maintain his/ her chiropractic license, it is compulsory for a chiropractic practitioner to take continuing education classes.

Work schedules and work environments of Chiropractors

Most of the chiropractors work full time. however, there is a noticeable number of chiropractic therapists who work part-time or on weekends. Similarly, self-employed chiropractic practitioners set their own schedules and work at their own pace. 

In addition to this, some chiropractors also hold home visits to accommodate patients.

Chiropractic therapists hold an eminent position in the employment sector. According to a survey, chiropractors held around 51,100 jobs in the year 2019, 63% of them being employed in offices of chiropractors, and the rest, either self-employed or working at offices of physicians.

Scope of becoming a chiropractic therapist

With an increase in the number of people working in the field of medicine, there is an escalation in the number of people getting enrolled in Doctor of Chiropractic postgraduate degree programs. 

With the increase in trained personnel, the employment opportunities for these personnel are also subjected to growth. A study shows that the employment of professional chiropractors is expected to grow by 7% from 2018 to 2028, which is a rate faster than many other occupations. 

Keeping this increase in mind, a number of health insurances have to start incorporating chiropractic services in their lists.

Although the demand for chiropractic therapists is quite high, it depends upon the paying capability of the patients; whether directly or indirectly (through medical insurance).

List of institutes offering a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) Degree

This list of chiropractic schools includes those, holding an ‘accredited’ or ‘recognized’ status and which provide quality education to students enrolling in DC degree programs in order to become successful chiropractors.

    • Macquarie University
    • Bahcesehir University
    • Zurich University 
    • Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
    • International Medical University.

#1 Macquarie University:-
Country: Australia
City: Sydney
Accrediting agency: CCEA.

The Macquarie University is a research university that has the honor of being the 3rd university in the metropolitan area of Sydney. The Bachelors in Chiropractic Sciences and Masters in Chiropractic Sciences is the first-ever professional chiropractic degrees to be offered by a public university in the world.

This university offers a Doctor of Chiropractic Science degree lasting for 3 years, with both full-time and part-time modes of study for students. 

By enrolling in the DC degree program at the Macquarie University, students will be able to apply for Masters in Chiropractic Sciences, which is a requisite for professional registration within Australia.

Tuition Fee: check fee structure by clicking here.

#2 Bahcesehir University:-
Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul
Accrediting Agency: Turkish National Higher Education Council

Situated in the European side of the former capital of Turkey is the private educational institute named Bahcesehir University. 

This university admits 72 international students per semester apart from the national students. This university offers a Master’s degree in Chiropractic Sciences, of the duration of 2 years. 

By enrolling in this degree, you are likely to learn how to implement diagnostic tools along with a physical examination of patients and X-rays.

Tuition fee: approximately $12000.

#3 Zurich University:-
Country: Switzerland
City: Zurich
Accrediting agency: SUK.

The largest university in the city of Zurich, with a current number of enrolled students – 28,000 offers a 6 years Chiropractic Medicine Program.

The first 4 years revolve around the basic curriculum of the Human Medicine Program. During years 5 and 6, students will gain acquaintance with the subjects, specifically related to Chiropractic Medicine. After the completion of these 6 years, students will earn a Master’s degree in Chiropractic Sciences.

Tuition fee: to check the tuition fee, click here.

#4 Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College:-
Country: Canada
City: Toronto, Ontario
Accrediting agency: FCC.

In the North York district of Toronto lies the private, registered, and charitable non-profit organization by the name of Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC). 

It has been a center providing Chiropractic education for 75 years. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees as well as continuing education programs in the capacity of chiropractic sciences.

Students getting enrolled in the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College will have access to world-class labs that will impart the necessary hands-on experience to students before they enter the professional world.

Tuition fee: in order to know the tuition fee of CMCC, click here.

#5 International Medical University:-
Country: Malaysia
City: Kuala Lumpur
Accrediting agency: CCEA, Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

The International Medical University has been recognized worldwide for its services in imparting Chiropractic education to national and international students. 

It is the only university that offers a degree in chiropractic sciences, not only in Malaysia but also in the whole of southeast Asia. It has a curriculum, benchmarked to international standards which helps students in building their future professional network in the field of Healthcare. 

The IMU provides a 4 year BSc. (Hons) Chiropractic programme degree to enrollees with an affirmation to be eligible to practice in Australia and other countries.

Tuition fee: check the fee on the official website by clicking here.

How much are Chiropractors likely to earn?

 The average wage of chiropractors in May 2020 was around $70,720. However, this is the median wage which implies that half of the workers earned more than the average, and half of the professional chiropractors earned less than the average wage.

In May 2020, Chiropractors earned as much as:

    • The average wage of office chiropractors was $69,650
    • The average wage of office physicians was $90,820.

Factors that affect the wage of Chiropractors:-

The wage of a chiropractic practitioner depends directly, or indirectly on the following:  

    • Geographical location
    • Years of experience
    • Client base
    • Working hours.

A survey by the Occupational Employment Statistics shows the estimated wages of more than 800 jobs. To search the average wage rates of chiropractic therapists, click on the link given below.


The process to become a Chiropractor in 2023:-

Now that we have studied all about the detailed procedures of becoming a chiropractic practitioner, here is a quick summary enlisting a brief overview of the points discussed above:

    • Earn a bachelor’s degree in any related capacity
    • Enroll in a chiropractic college
    • Pass a National Board of Chiropractic Examiners exam
    • Specialize in a chiropractic facility
    • Complete continuing education to hold your license.

Tips on becoming a good Chiropractic Practitioner:-

Now that you have learned exactly how to become a professional Chiropractic therapist, here are some tips on how to be the best one around and make your name in the field.

  • Polish your decision-making skills:-

As a chiropractor, you must know how to take prompt actions and when to refer your patients to other healthcare practitioners.

  • Be detail-oriented:-

As a chiropractor, you should possess the ability to pay attention to even the smallest of detail so as to properly diagnose the patients and avoid causing them any harm.

  • Be Dexterous:-

Since you will be required to perform a lot of actions by your hands, you need to develop in yourself the trait of adroitness.

  • Be empathetic:-

In the capacity of a chiropractor, you will have to provide people relief from their pains, not only through your hands but also through your words. So be sympathetic towards the ones in pain.

  • Organizational Skills:-

If you work as a self-employed chiropractor, then you ought to know basic management skills such as billing, scheduling appointments, managing employees, and maintaining patients’ files.

Summary on Chiropractic Profession:-

Since the number of people looking for long-term relief from their pains is increasing by the passing days, the demand for a good chiropractor depicting professionalism is also increasing. 

Even though you might find your head in the books, in the beginning, the time spent therein will be worth it. And the first-hand experience you will gain afterward will be a feeling- unlike any other. So whether you heal others’ pains by using massage therapies or acupuncture treatments, as long as you do not implement invasive methods, you are fit to make your name in the field of Medicine. 

With that said, this article has come to an end. Let us know in the comments section below which chiropractic school you are enrolling in. Until next time, Adios!

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