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Fully Paid Internships in Canada in 2023 – Submit Applications to Work in Canada

Summer Internships in Canada in 2023 are being announced by top Canadian companies now and it is high time for students to apply for such fully-paid work opportunities while studying in Canada.

Time to apply for the Canadian Summer Internship programs offered by reputable franchises and globally recognized companies working in Canada. These internships programs are open for all the local and international students doing BS/ MS/ Ph.D. or relevant degrees in multiple fields. So, look out for the suitable available opportunity and make the most of your summer breaks by earning some money and getting work experience from multinational companies.

Indeed, such Canadian summer internships can do so many wonders by opening new opportunities for interested candidates who want to do something productive and remarkable in their future careers. These paid or sometimes unpaid internship programs allow the candidates to learn all the professional field technicalities during the study period by working closely with top-notch companies and highly skilled professionals.

Perks of doing Summer Internships:

Dozens of reasons are there that will support one’s decision to apply for the summer internship programs during the summer breaks. For instance;

  • Earn money and reduce financial stress.
  • Make impactful connections and build networking opportunities.
  • Learn technical knowledge and other required methodologies.
  • Chance to apply theoretical knowledge via practical approaches.
  • Chances of getting hired permanently during the internship period.
  • Doing internships will make your CV stronger and withstand, among others.

List of Available Canadian Summer Internships:

Following Top Canadian Companies are offering internships in the 2023 summer:

  1. Microsoft Canada Summer Internships
  2. Air Miles Canada Summer Internships
  3. Abbot Laboratories Canada Summer Internships
  4. Royal Bank of Canada Summer Internships
  5. Google Canada Summer Internships
  6. Toyota Canada Summer Internships
  7. Canada Life Assurance Company Summer Internships
  8. Canadian Pilot Summer Internships
  9. Shell Assessed Summer Internships
  10. Apple Canada Summer Internships
  11. Audi Canada Summer Internships
  12. Ericson Canada Summer Internships
  13. McDonald’s Summer Internships
  14. CanadaHelps Summer Internships
  15. Bank of Montreal Summer Internships
  16. Shopify Canada Summer Internships
  17. HSBC Canada Summer Internships
  18. CIBC Banking Canada Summer Internships
  19. Nestle Canada Summer Internships
  20. PepsiCo Canada Summer Internships
  21. Tesla Canada Summer Internships
  22. Amazon Canada Summer Internships
  23. Canadian National Railways Summer Internships
  24. Halifax Canada International Airport Authority Summer Internships
  25. Ford Motor Canada Summer Internships
  26. Hatch Ltd Summer Internships

Here we will discuss each of the internship programs in detail to avoid any confusion.

1# Microsoft Canada Summer Internships:

Microsoft, one of the leading technology corporations in the world, has announced various university and Ph.D. internships for interested students enrolled in the Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., MBA and want to build their future in computer sciences, Engineering, Finance, Marketing, IT, etc. Get ready to be a part of their in-person and innovative virtual internship programs.

Eligible Ph.D. students can join the Microsoft Product Team by applying for the Microsoft Product and Research Internships. Meanwhile, all internships, either university or Ph.D., serve monthly salaries, accommodation, and some other applauding benefits. Internship duration varies from one program to another.

2# Air Miles Canada Summer Internships:

It is time to utilize your summer holidays in a productive way by opting for Air Miles Canada Internships, available in multiple fields, like Marketing, Data Scientist, Software Developing, etc. To abide by the requirements for Air Miles Internships, applied candidates must be doing a BS degree in Physics, Engineering, Computer Science.

3# Abbot Laboratories Canada Summer Internships:

Abbot is one of the finest globally recognized medical and healthcare companies, offering multiple internship opportunities to the deserving students enrolled in the BS, MS, & Doctoral programs in diverse fields, including Bio-Tech, Software Engineering, Manufacturing, Production, Marketing, and so on.

Interested candidates must be proficient in Dutch and English (verbal / written), with great analytical skills and leadership qualities. Meanwhile, interns will get an allowance till the internship period and a chance to work in the number one company in the Netherlands for two years consecutively.

4# Royal Bank of Canada Summer Internships:

RBC is considered one of the largest banks in Canada, offering full-time Innovation Developer internships to the students of grade 11 or 12 enrolled in the field of Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, & Engineering. Every year maximum of three students will get selected to work with skilled and talented business professionals. On the other hand, these interns will also get a golden chance to manage business situations, analyze new technologies, & develop creative and innovative business prototypes.

5# Google Canada Summer Internships:

If you want to get work experience in the most reputable technology company in the world, google internship programs are the best choice. International applicants pursuing Undergrad or Postgrad studies in prestigious Canadian universities in Business, Marketing, Software engineering, etc.; can opt for golden internship opportunities, like Associate Product Internships, Medical Engineer Internships, User Experience Internships, etc. The intriguing fact about these internships involved monthly allowance, monthly pay, and other additional benefits.

6# Toyota Canada Internships:

The Toyota Company has several franchises working in different countries of the world, likewise in Canada, offering many careers opportunities to the international and local students studying in Canadian noble universities and colleges. Interested candidates have multiple options to apply for, like valuable paid internships or summer hours programs while completing Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees. Such versatile internship programs are famous for serving many worthy advantages, like health care benefits, a luxury package for vacation, etc.

7# Canada Life Assurance Company Summer Internships:

Students doing BS, Master’s, or MBA in business, finance, marketing, accounting, sales & business development, human resources can apply for the Canada Life Assurance Co-op internship opportunities. Such internship programs are available for first-year to fourth-year students with some valuable benefits. In other words, many full or part-time summer internship offers are waiting for deserving students at Canada Life Assurance.

8# Canadian Pilot Summer Internships:

Multiple pilot internships for graduate students having practical flight training experience are available. These Canadian Pilot internships are provided by the Intern Abroad Program in Canada. Following are the available fully/ half paid pilot internships, like; International Ferry Pilot Internship, Flight Instruction Internships, Airline Pilot Internship, etc.

9# Shell Assessed Summer Internships:

One of the most reputable oil and gas companies, Shell has also opened its franchisees in Canada, operating in various cities. Shell is known for offering Shell Assessed Internships for applicants who have twelve months left in their graduation.

Meanwhile, students doing Master’s or Bachelor’s degrees from Canadian universities are also eligible for this 4-to-16-month internship program. The selected interns will serve under the guidance of highly qualified and trained specialists to work on international business projects. The cherry on top is that these interns will also enjoy some valuable rewards and other financial benefits.

10# Apple Canada Summer Internships:

In the corporate world, Apple company is ruling the charts for software and hardware development, electronics items manufacturing, and other technological services. If you want to work closely with this multinational organization and become an integral part of it in the future, apply for the internship offers announced by the Apple company for the students doing MS, BS, or Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Material Sciences, Real Estate, finance, business, etc.

To abide by the eligibility requirements, applied candidates must have excellent speaking and writing skills for English. Meanwhile, selected applicants will get suitable accommodation and monthly salaries with other employment privileges.

11# Audi Canada Summer Internships:

Audi Canada has announced an 8-week paid internships program for the students who want to learn about the Audi company, it’s production, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. Interested applicants can apply for Audi Summer internships without any language proficiency tests scores.

12# Ericson Canada Summer Internships:

The Swedish telecommunication and networking company has initiated a Canadian co-op summer internship program for university candidates for 4-, 8-, 12-, and 16-months duration. Applicants will get a chance to work side by side with company leaders and skilled technicians to learn innovative and modern technologies related to manufacturing, production, and sales.

13# McDonald’s Summer Internships:

Having a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Business Administration, Public Relations, Journalism, etc., is giving you a chance to apply for valuable McDonald’s Internship programs. To meet the requirements, applied candidates must have a 3.0 GPA or above and be citizens and residents of Canada. During the McDonald’s internships, candidates will get $25/hour with housing stipends.

14# CanadaHelps Summer Internships:

If you want to do something for needy people and serve humanity, apply for the CanadaHelps Summer Internship paid programs. CanadaHelps is one of the top famous NGOs operating in Canada, helping dozens of less-privileged people. During the internship, selected candidates will perform some major duties with partner charities and play a dominant role in fundraising programs.

On the other hand, not only a handsome amount of money these interns will get during the internships, but they will also get free accommodation, etc.

15# Bank of Montreal Summer Internships:

Students having post-secondary degrees in the fields related to business, administration, and marketing should apply for the Bank of Montreal paid internships programs. Applicants will become a part of some outstanding departments and perform different roles, like Personal or International Banking Associates, Customer Representatives, etc.

16# Shopify Canada Summer Internships:

Shopify is an e-commerce company helping small businesses to start, flourish, and grow. On the other hand, that online company is also hiring interns for the diverse remote internship programs, providing in-person and virtual learning opportunities in variable fields. Interested undergrad or grad students can apply for content design, data engineering, digital product development designing internships.

17# HSBC Canada Summer Internships:

HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) Canada has started internship programs, like wholesale data analytics internships for the candidates pursuing marketing, global banking, or analytics degrees. HSBC Canada summer internships are fully paid and provide some other financial coverage, like accommodation or travel expenditures (for business purposes only).

18# CIBC Banking Canada Summer Internships:

The bank of CIBC in Canada has announced numerous summer internships plus graduate leadership programs for the students enrolled in the BS, MBA, or MS degrees in business, science, engineering, IT, mathematics, or finance fields. During CIBC Banking internships, applicants will work and learn under the guidance of skilled and experienced professionals.

19# Nestle Canada Summer Internships

The Nestle company has many branches opened in Canada, offering full-time or part-time summer internships programs to BS & MS students for 1 to 4 months. Such fully funded internships have many benefits to offer like monthly salaries, a chance to work with a talented international team, and work certificates.

20# PepsiCo Canada Summer Internships:

PepsiCo is a renowned franchise in the world, operating in different countries, like Canada. PepsiCo Canada has started internship programs for students with having Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in computer/ data sciences, engineering, statistics, etc. Dozens of paid internships are there for the interested candidates, like Data Science Internship, PepsiCo Information Technology Internship, Logistics Internships, etc.

21# Tesla Canada Summer Internships:

Tesla is a well-known company with thousands of franchises all over the globe. It has also made its name in the world by offering paid internships to BS/ MS/ Ph.D. students. The duration of Tesla internships lies between 3 to 12 months, allowing the candidates to participate actively in vehicle control, sales engineering, car manufacturing, and all. In the meantime, interns will also enjoy free accommodation, monthly earnings, and travel costs.

22# Amazon Canada Summer Internships:

Another renowned name operating in Canada is Amazon offering hundreds of internships to the Undergrad, Grad, and Postgrad students belonging to the business, science, and marketing fields. Amazon Canada has either part-time or full-time paid summer internships for eligible students with outstanding skills in the English language.

23# Canadian National Railways Summer Internships:

The Canadian National Railways has a significant role in goods transportation and freight forwarding. Various internships opportunities are there for the students enrolled in the BS under Commerce, Finance, Engineering fields. These internships are available in different sectors, like supply management, engineering, accounting, procurement, etc. So, opt for a suitable internship program and make some earnings during your holidays by doing constructive things.

24# Halifax Canada International Airport Authority Summer Internships:

The Halifax Canada International Airport Authority is giving the best internship opportunity to post-secondary students having experience in ground maintenance & general labor. The Ground Maintenance Internship Program is still open, offering a $14.50 – $16.00 per hour salary & 4% vacation pay to the eligible candidates.

25# Ford Motor Canada Summer internships:

The Ford Company in Canada has summer internships for deserving applicants holding a passion to work with the globally recognized motor company. Students seeking the Undergrad and Master’s degrees can apply for the Ford summer internships. In these internship programs, candidates will experience working with high-profile businessmen and leaders to understand and make company policies.

26# Hatch Ltd Summer Internships:

Hatch Ltd Canada has initiated six-month internship programs for students doing marketing studies. In these internships, applicants will be asked to promote the Hatch Ltd marketing campaigns via new creative ideas & ingenious strategies. Moreover, interns will also work along with their sales and marketing teams. Hatch Ltd internship program pays $27.02/hour to the selected interns during the whole internship period.

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