Scholarships in 2024

Scholarships Without IELTS for Ghana Students in 2024

Ghanaian Student Scholarships without IELTS and TOEFL

The students from Ghana are also eligible to apply for the fully-funded scholarships without IELTS for the batch of 2024-2025; for all subjects of all degree levels, short course programs, and study exchange programs.

In modern times, education is fundamental to being able to earn a livelihood. However, it appears that education has become ‘commercialized.’ This has made it tough to acquire, especially for those who may not be very privileged.

Fortunately, many universities all around the globe now offer half and fully-funded scholarships for the ambitious and academically gifted. You can consider taking admission at the Universities without IELTS as well because we understand it is very expensive for most students to pay for IELTS fees these days. Ghana Students scholarships are a great relief provided to passionate students who are determined to pursue higher education.

Can Ghana Students Apply for Scholarships With IELTS Exemption?

Students from Ghana can get a scholarship in certain universities without taking the IELTS or TOEFL exam. In this case, the student must have an English Proficiency Certificate, PTE, or any other English language proficiency proof. 

Do International universities offer scholarships without IELTS? 

Several International universities worldwide now offer scholarships to students without requiring IELTS or TOEFL.

Scholarships for Ghanaian Students With IELTS Exemption

For Ghanaian students who do not wish to take IELTS or TOEFL, we have shortlisted universities that offer scholarships for you!

#1 Windsor University Scholarships for Ghana Students

Windsor University is a public research university with nearly 12,000 undergraduate students. This institute is known for its exceptional education quality and remarkable student services.

Windsor University has a 70-80% acceptance rate making it a competitive university.

Application fees of Windsor University for undergrad is CAD $75; whereas, for grad program applicants it is CAD $150.

Windsor University offers 80% scholarships for a few chosen students to provide a wonderful opportunity for international students.

Eligibility of Windsor University Scholarships:

Students are eligible to apply for Windsor scholarships if they hold a bachelor’s degree or 120 credit hours equivalent. Students are not required to take IELTS or TOEFL to avail of Windsor University scholarships. The university staff teaches all the basics and helps you pass the exam in the two-year program if you don’t have good proficiency in the English language. 

To apply at the University of Windsor, there is no set age limit. The program duration is two years. Six semesters are offered, each of 14-15 weeks. There is a two-week break after every semester. 

Coverage plan of Windsor University Scholarship:

The University of Windsor offers all levels 30-100% scholarships. The tuition fee is reduced from $10,500 to $2,100 for sessions starting from May 2024. These scholarships by Windsor University may include no-cost academics, monthly food and living allowance, and residential places with all facilities.

Application Deadline of Windsor University:

For the spring session applications, the start date is Jan 15, 2024, and the deadline to finish enrollment is September 10, 2024. For the fall session applications, the start date is May 02, 2024, whereas, application deadline to finish enrollment is April 15, 2024.

#2 Institute of Customer Management Online Scholarship for Ghana

ICM is a world-renowned university, provides its students with higher education. ICM offers fully-funded scholarships for exceptional candidates who cannot pay tuition fees and wish to obtain a Master’s in Business Administration. 


There is no age limit to avail of this scholarship. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration or 120 credit hours of equivalence. Students are not required to take IELTS or TOEFL tests if their bachelor’s degree was taught in the English language. 

The eligibility requirements of each program are provided on the University’s website for your ease. Applicants are ineligible to apply for a scholarship if they do not have five years of post-grad work experience and recommendation letters. 

Coverage provided by the scholarship:

ICM covers a hundred percent of the tuition fee for eligible students. Candidates are only required to pay the admission fee, which is $50. ICM offers Masters in Business Administration through online delivery only. Ten candidates are offered a hundred percent scholarship yearly by ICM.

#3 University of Manitoba Scholarships for Ghanaian Students

The University of Manitoba is known to be the best University for international students. It provides opportunities for international students to study in a leading university by providing half-funded scholarships. 

Student Entrance Scholarships:

The student entrance scholarships are awarded to candidates of all majors and faculties at UOM. There is no age restriction, but the students are advised to check the eligibility criteria for the Student Entrance Scholarship at UOM thoroughly.  

Coverage plan of the University of Manitoba:

Students are selected based on their high school grade average, which must be 85% or above. The benefits depend on the high school average. For the year 2024-2025, the granted values were as listed below:

  • If your average is greater than or equal to 95%: $3,000
  • If your average is greater than or equal to 90%: $2,00
  • If your average is greater than or equal to 85%: $1,000
  • Room in the dormitory, residence allowance, funding for books.

The Manitoba University Scholarship Application deadline for 2024 is March 1, 2024.

#4 University of Alberta Scholarships for Ghana Students

The University of Alberta offers hundreds of bachelor’s (undergraduate), and postgrad scholarships each year. It is one of the top universities in Canada, with several scholarship programs for the less fortunate students who cannot afford to support higher education.

Students are not required to take IELTS or TOEFL; to apply for admission to the University of Alberta. Applicants can submit any IELTS alternative certification for IELTS exemption at the University of Alberta. The University of Alberta is a public research, the first premier University. It offers scholarships for Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. levels. 

The acceptance Ratio of the University of Alberta is: 58%

Application fees of the University of Alberta are CAD $125 (Can not be refunded). Study loans are also available at the University of Alberta.

Scholarship Coverage Package:

The University of Alberta covers the tuition, as well as the living expenses, of its high-achieving students who are awarded the scholarship. It is a fully-funded scholarship, including living expenses. International students may be awarded a $9,000 scholarship over four years.

Deadline: Applicants need to submit their admissions or scholarship applications to the admissions department of the University of Alberta before May 1, 2024.

#5 Qatar University Scholarships for Ghana Students

Qatar University is situated in the capital of the country, Doha. It is the only government university and ranks number 1 in the country. With a wide diversity of students from all around the world, Qatar University has several scholarship programs for international students. 

Qatar University offers a myriad range of faculties, departments, and programs for its students to provide the finest education. QU offers scholarship relief in all departments and programs as well as Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. levels. 


Students’ performance at the University is closely observed by the staff to ensure the student is determined and focused. To continue the Qatar scholarship, the students must be consistent and maintain excellent results. 

Coverage plan of Qatar University.

QU Scholarship is the most prestigious and generous scholarship available. QU University covers all your expenses, including tuition fees, living expenses, and your tickets. It is a fully-funded scholarship.

Deadline: 14th April 2024. 

#6 University of Warwick Scholarships for Ghana Students

Warwick university ranks in the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom and ranks in the top 80 World’s best universities. The University of Warwick is offering School of Sciences Scholarships to three dedicated students for Master’s programs.

University of Warwick Admissions Acceptance Ratio is 14%.

The application fees of the University of Warwick is £35 for online applications and £60 for paper-based applications.


School is sciences scholarships do not require the applicants to give an IELTS or TOEFL. It is a requirement for the applicant to be self-funded and not already be receiving another scholarship. Applicants must have an acceptance letter from the School of Sciences taught M.Sc. course to avail of the scholarship. These courses will be offered in October 2024. Students will be awarded according to their previous academic performance.

Benefits provided by the program.

Warwick University will cover 50-100% of the tuition fee for the year 2023-2024. The scholarship may not cover additional expenses such as living expenses, residence allowance, etc.

Deadline: Applications will be accepted on two occasions. The first deadline is 8 February 2024, Second deadline will be 1 June 2024.

#7 University of Winnipeg for Ghana Students

The University of Winnipeg, Canada, is also a public research university that offers science and arts undergraduate and graduate programs. The University of Winnipeg has an acceptance rate of 75%. It has a highly selective admission policy paired with great competition for its seats. 

Admission Application Fees of the University of Winnipeg is US$100 for national and US$125 for international student.


The University of Winnipeg is offering multiple scholarships for international students. Students who have been to a high school outside of Canada can automatically apply for a scholarship without filling out separate scholarship forms. 

Students of undergraduate, master’s, and diploma are eligible to avail of this scholarship. But Canadian students are not eligible to apply for this scholarship. Applicants must also illustrate extraordinary leadership traits by taking part in extracurricular activities and sports to prove that they are better suited for the scholarship reward.

Scholarship value: 

$5,000 is awarded to 53 outstanding graduate students of Winnipeg University. Some Winnipeg University scholarships may include additional residence, stipend, and lab expenses.

Awards available: 53
Deadline: 1 June 2024.

#8 The University of Greenwich Scholarships for Ghana Students

The University of Greenwich is in London with 14,580 Undergraduate and 5245 postgraduate students. The University of Greenwich is well known for its excellent courses provided, especially in Architecture, engineering, and business studies. 

The University of Greenwich has a 64.8% acceptance rate, making it a very tough university to get into. 

University of Greenwich Admission fees is GBP 20.

Requirements for application:

Greenwich University offers scholarships to international students who have received an acceptance letter from the University. Students who are progressing at the top of their classes in their respective degrees will be considered. Students are advised to check the University’s prospects and terms and conditions for full details.

Scholarship Coverage plan: 

Each student will be awarded £3,000 in their first year of admission at the University of Greenwich.


The 05 December 2024 is the last date for applicants beginning their spring semester in January 2024. The 27 February 2024 is the last date to apply for applicants who will start their classes in the fall of April 2024.

#9 Aston University of Birmingham scholarships for Ghana Students

Aston University is located in Birmingham, UK. With its world-class education quality and outstanding faculty, it has earned a name for itself in the educational department. The institute ranks at the 9th position in the list of the UK’s best universities. 

The acceptance rate of Aston University is 50%. It has a challenging and competitive admission protocol.

Application fees of Aston University is GBP 20.

The University has multiple scholarship programs for the aid of intelligent and competent students who cannot afford the tuition fees. Aston University invests one million euros in scholarships every year for several scholarship programs such as;

  • International Scholarships. 

Students are provided an international scholarship after they receive an acceptance letter from Aston University. Moreover, this scholarship is provided to students in their first year only. 

  • Global Ambassador Scholarships. 

Twenty-five candidates are rewarded with a £3,000 scholarship who wish to be the face of Aston University. These students are required to take part in promotional activities and be active on social media platforms to promote the student university life and university environment.


Round 1: Monday 28th February 2024.
Round 2: Thursday 31st March.
Round 3: Saturday 30th April 2024.
Round 4: Tuesday 31st May 2024.
Round 5: Thursday 30th June 2024.
Final round: Sunday 31st July 2024.

  • MBA Scholarships

The University of Aston provides 100%, 50%, and 30% scholarships for students who wish to pursue Masters. The University has five MBA scholarship programs. National and international students can both avail this opportunity. 

Deadline: Not specified yet. 

#10 Engineering Institute of Technology Scholarships for Ghana

EIT University is a top engineering university in Australia. It ranks in the top 90 universities worldwide best universities. It is world-famous for its quality of education. EIT provides various scholarship programs to aid its students and to help deliver a fine education. It has various scholarships program for Australians as well as international students.


International excellence scholarship is provided to International students performing at the top of their grades. Applicable only at the bachelor’s level, this scholarship can be awarded to students of any discipline getting a bachelor’s degree.

Grant: 20% reduction on overall fees.
Deadline: Applications Window open.

ISEM is also a scholarship program offered by EIT for its students. Students of all higher education programs can apply for this scholarship. For more details, students are required to check out the university website. 

Grant: 35% reduction on overall tuition fees.

#11 LUND University Scholarships for Ghana Students

Lund University, Sweden, is one of the most prestigious and highly regarded universities in the world. Ranked in the top 0.4% of the best and brightest universities in the world, Lund University is a public research, with nine faculties and nearly 30,000 students. 

The acceptance rate of Lund University is 34%. LU is very hard to get into, but the students of LU are most likely to secure the best jobs in the world.

Application fees of Lund University is EUR 90.

Lund University offers scholarships for international students in the Global Scholarship Program. LU invests a total of US $1.8 million in scholarships to accommodate students. In recent times, extra funds have been invested in scholarship programs due to the current global-induced problems. 


Students are eligible to apply to the Master’s scholarship program if they have completed a bachelor’s degree. Students of Switzerland and EU/EEA cannot apply. 

Scholarship grant:

Scholarships awarded to students may be partially or fully funded. It completely depends upon the budget of the faculty. The percentage of scholarships awarded to a student does not depend on the student’s academic performance.

Deadline: 15 February 2024.

#12 Chinese Scholarships Without IELTS for Ghana Student

The thousands of fully-funded Chinese Government Scholarships with IELTS exemption are also available for students from Ghana to avail. These Chinese scholarships are CAS-TWAS (ANSO) Scholarship, CSC Scholarships, and Chinese Provincial Government or University sponsored programs for BS, MS, Ph.D.

What does China Scholarships Cover?

Chinese Scholarships Without IELTS for Ghana Students cover all academic degree expenses, monthly pocket money, first classroom accommodation facility with utilities paid, 800 RMB worth of health insurance, and literature buying expenses.

Deadline of Chinese Scholarships in 2024:

The last date to apply for the Chinese CSC Scholarship is March 30, 2024. Whereas, the last date to apply for Chinese University-sponsored scholarships is June 30, 2024.

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