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University of Alabama Scholarships 2023: Admissions Open in University of Alabama

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Get your documents in order to apply for the fully-funded University of Alabama Scholarships for the class of 2023-2024 for all degree levels and disciplines.

The University of Alabama was established in 1820 and officially became operational for students in 1831. It is a public research institution in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, as it holds the title of being the most prominent and oldest public university in the state. The Alabama university maintains a reputation for providing quality education at the top of being an ancient institute that focuses entirely on assisting students in developing the professional skills and ethics to help them land their dream job.

The University of Alabama offers a very generous scholarships program for the benefit of its students. A student will have to fall under the university’s criteria to qualify for a competitive scholarship or automatic merit. A student that applies for the scholarship will fall under one of the following categories:-

  • In-state Freshman
  • Current student
  • Out-of-state Freshman student
  • Transfer (In-state) 
  • International Freshman
  • Out-of-state and Transfer (International) 

Therefore, the criteria and process for application will vary depending on the category you fall under.

Benefits of University of Alabama Scholarships

The students winning a scholarship from the University of Alabama will receive all or any of the following listed benefits from the admissions department:

  • Funding for education, monthly living expenditures, and conducting experiments
  • Residence at hostel and life insurance coverage plan
  • Refund of Application fees for admission and exams fees
  • Logistics fees refund

Admissions Acceptance Rate of the University of Alabama Scholarship was 62%.

Admissions Application Fees of the University of Alabama is US$40.

Types of University of Alabama Scholarships

The University of Alabama allows students to apply for their scholarship programme in the following programs:-

  • Bachelors Scholarship program (Undergraduate scholarships)
  • Master Scholarships
  • Ph.D. Scholarships

The University of Alabama scholarships are available for different degree levels. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for students at all levels to enroll in one of the majors that the university offers. 

The Institute offers merit-based scholarships for;

  • In-state scholarships for students
  • Out-of-state students scholarships

Every year, the university awards premier scholarships to particular students, although these scholarships do require a more intensive application process. It includes the

  • National Alumni Association Crimson Scholarships
  • Academic elite scholarships

There are also specific scholarships for the first-generation college students only under the First Scholars Program

Eligibility Criteria for University of Alabama Scholarships

University of Alabama’s scholarship process varies among freshmen and other students. Some of the most generous scholarships it offers are primarily for freshmen. So, If you are applying as a freshman, you will need to submit one of the following documents:-

  • Application form for admission
  • High school transcript 
  • SAT or ACT test score (Optional submission)

The incoming freshman will first have to lodge an application for admission to the university before applying for the scholarships. After 48 hours of admission application submission, the university will allocate a myBama username and a CWID (Campus-wide ID) and send it through an Email. The Email will also provide the required detail relating to setting up your password.

The Scholarship Application is the next step, and it is in the myBama portal. Once you have your portal set up, you can access it and apply for the scholarship program. Ideally, students need to apply for the scholarship during their senior year (fall semester) of high school and not before it as the scholarship application and program update every year. 

All the freshman applicants will fall under one of the categories listed below:-

  • International student scholarships 
  • In-state freshman scholarships 
  • Out-of-state Freshman scholarships

Available Scholarships for freshmen

The In-state freshman applicants will be subject to Automatic merit scholarships and Competitive scholarships. 

The following are some of the automatic In-state freshman scholarships:-

  1. Presidential scholarship:- It requires a 1360-1600 SAT Score or 30-36 ACT score along with a 3.50+ GPA as it covers the entire tuition fees for the student
  2. Foundation in Excellence Scholarship:- It requires 1330-1350 SAT or 29 ACT with a 3.50+ GPA, and it provides a yearly valuation of $9000
  3. Foundation in Excellence Scholarship (Part 2):- It requires 1360-1600 SAT or 30-36 ACT with 3.00-3.49 GPA, and it also offers a yearly valuation of $9000
  4. Collegiate Scholarships:- It requires 1300-1320 SAT or 28 ACT with a 3.50+ and provides an $8000 annual valuation
  5. Collegiate Scholarships (Part 2):- It requires 1330-1350 SAT or 29 ACT with 3.00-3.49 GPA and provides a yearly valuation of $8000
  6. Capstone:- It requires 1260-1290 SAT or 27 ACT with a 3.50+ GPA and gives a $7,000 annual valuation
  7. Capstone (Part 2):- It requires 1300-1320 SAT or 28 ACT with a GPA of 3.00-3.49 and gives a $7,000 yearly valuation
  8. UA Legends:- It requires 1230-1250 SAT or 26 ACT and a 3.50+ GPA and provides an annual valuation of 6000$
  9. UA Legends (Part 2):- It requires 1260-1290 SAT or 27 ACT with 3.00-3.49 with a yearly valuation of $6,000
  10. Crimson Achievement:- It requires 1200-1220 SAT or 25 ACT with 3.50+ GPA while providing a $5000 scholarship per year
  11. Crimson Achievement (Part 2):- It requires 1230-1250 SAT and 26 ACT with  3.00-3.49 while giving a $5,000 yearly valuation
  12. UA Recognition:- It requires 1060-1190 SAT or 21-24 ACT with 3.50+ and provides $4000 in scholarship
  13. UA Recognition (Part 2):- It requires 1200-1220 SAT or 25 ACT with 3.00-3.49 while providing a yearly valuation of $4,000

Thus, for students that want to pursue professional studies, The University of Alabama offers a golden opportunity with its generous scholarships. It also offers a wide range of majors that you can check by visiting the official website 

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