Scholarships in China 2024

Government of China Scholarships 2023-2024 for International Students Without IELTS

Applications for the China fully-funded Scholarships for the intake session of 2023-2024 are currently open for international students. Interested ones can benefit from the opportunity and finance their BS, MS, & Ph.D. studies at prestigious institutes in China under the Chinese and Provincial Government scholarships with the aid of renowned universities.

Meanwhile, eligible students can apply for these scholarships without IELTS scores as alternative tests, or language proficiency certificates are also eligible. However, students applying for university-sponsored scholarships for the Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degrees must abide by the language and entrance criteria and submit the application within the due date.

Sponsorship Package of Chinese Scholarships in 2023:

Deserving international scholars will get the chance to enjoy dozens of financial and scholarly benefits throughout the degree program. Meanwhile, scholarship rewards and tuition grants are based on performance, degree programs, and grades. Following are the financial coverages by the scholarships of China:

  • Full Tuition Fee Waivers for BS, MS, & Doctoral students
  • Monthly stipends of various ranges
  • Health and Medical Insurance Package
  • Free Accommodation at the suitable place
  • International Air Travel Package
  • Free Chinese Language course
  • Funds for Research Programs
  • Allowances for English-Taught Programs

Fully-Funded Scholarships in China 2023-2024 Batch

Following are the most highly funded Chinese Scholarships which will be available for admission to international students this year:

1# Beijing Municipal Government Scholarships:

Beijing Municipal Scholarships are the gateway to studying in Beijing, China, free of cost because it is a fully-funded scheme available for students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree from renowned institutions.

Meanwhile, Overseas bachelor’s students will receive RMB 20,000 as a scholarship reward to cover their essential expenses with monthly stipends and residence facilities. However, IELTS scores are not necessary for the Beijing Municipal Govt programs. Candidates can opt for the Chinese or English language proficiency certificate and apply for this scholarship while studying at China Central Academy, China University of Law & Political Science, etc.

2# CSC China Scholarship Council Scholarships:

The Chinese government has made all efforts to make healthy and friendly relationships with other countries. For this reason, CSC scholarships for international undergrads have been announced in partnership with various Chinese universities, like Shanghai University. These scholarships are available in Chinese and English for the respective students. Meanwhile, applicants will enjoy living stipends of CNY RMB 2500/ month, free accommodation, and tuition fee waivers.

The application system is online, but non-Chinese candidates can apply for the CSC scheme via the university track or embassy track with IELTS or TOEFL scores, two recommendation letters, and a preference letter.

3# Shanghai Government Scholarships:

Another exciting yet valuable opportunity for overseas candidates is SGS, which offers a free Bachelor’s degree program to international students facing financial challenges in completing their undergrad degrees in China without a scholarship. Hence, the Shanghai Government scholarship is all set to help these needy students by providing fully-funded sponsorship packages covering medical insurance, fee exemption, monthly stipends, on-campus accommodation, and much more.

Considering the eligibility criteria, applicants must be non-Chinese, below age 23, and in good health. However, the language scores of the selected university are accepted for this program.

4# Peking University Scholarships:

Like the Government of China, the universities in China also play a crucial role in promoting education among overseas students from low-income countries for a BS degree program. Peking University is also one of those that offers fully-funded scholarships without IELTS scores.

Therefore, interested students can apply for the CIS schemes, China Council Scholarships, Peking Overseas Students Scholarships, and many more. Meanwhile, available benefits include travel expenses, miscellaneous costs, monthly allowance, free accommodation, etc.

5# Fudan University Scholarships:

Next, we have the very reputable Fudan University, offering fully or partially-funded China scholarship programs to international students. These students can apply for the CSC-Fudan university scholarship programs, China Development Bank Scholarships, Belt and Road Scholarships, Fudan Boxue Scholarship, and much more.

However, eligible candidates must not be Chinese nationals and be in a fit mental and physical state. Meanwhile, recommendation letters, study plans, statements of purpose, etc., are mandatory while applying for scholarships. Candidates can submit an IELTS of 6 bands or TOEFL of 90 scores needed to apply for admission at Fudan University scholarships.

6# ASEAN-China Young Leaders Scholarship (ACYLS):

Students from ASEAN member states, like Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, etc., are eligible for the ACYLS program and can apply for this amazing opportunity to finance their Master’s degree while studying in China. Students applying for the ACYLS scheme must be under 45 and in sound health (mentally or physically) and able to submit IELTS or TOEFL scores with one-year work experience.

The ASEAN scholarship is a joint scheme of the ASEAN Member States and the People’s Republic of China, granting multiple exciting academic benefits, like school and tuition fee coverage, health insurance, free housing service, international airfare, etc.

7# MOFCOM Scholarships:

These funded MOFCOM scholarships are the effort of the China Scholarship Council with the Ministry of China’s People’s Republic, helping international students coming to China for obtaining fully financed Master’s degrees. Selected scholars will be entitled to enjoy tuition fees, survey fees, research costs, monthly stipends of RMB 36000, medical and English-taught program allowances, etc.

However, considering the eligibility criteria, the applicants must be of 45 years of age with a BS degree and able to submit Chinese or English language proficiency proof to apply for the MOFCOM scholarships.

Meanwhile, applicants can submit IELTS or alternative test scores to meet the requirements.

8# Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarships at SJTU:

International students with good academic results, a high GPA, and work experience are eligible to apply for the Shanghai Municipal scholarships at SJTU. These China scholarships are open for undergrad and postgrad degrees for non-Chinese international candidates below age 35 who hold a BS degree with a level 4 in the HSK test.

It is mandatory that while applying for the Shanghai SJTU, candidates must not be enjoying any other Chinese Scholarship program. However, the Scholarship funding package of SJTU includes air travel tickets, health premiums, accommodation at university dorms, and living stipends.

Candidates are bound to submit the language scores of their chosen universities to become eligible for the scholarship.

9# Chinese Belt and Road Scholarships:

The very reputable Renmin University in China has announced fully-funded Belt and Roads scholarships for overseas students to obtain a Master’s degree in various fields. Via these scholarships, students will get the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture and complete their MS degree in English-taught programs.

However, students from the Belt and Road member countries can only apply for this program and submit the applications online between September to October. Meanwhile, winners will get their hands on CNY 80000 in the first place, CNY 40000 in the second, and CNY 20000 in the third place as scholarship rewards. On the other hand, the scholarship duration is one year, accepting IELTS & TOEFL scores.

10# China University of Petroleum Scholarships:

The China University of Petroleum is considered to be one of the best institutes in China as per the QS World Rankings. Moreover, this prestigious institution is famous for granting partial and fully-funded sponsored scholarship programs to deserving international students willing to do an MS degree from this place. Meanwhile, scholarships offered by the Petroleum University China are; the Language Teachers Scholarship, China University of Petroleum Schemes, Beijing scholarships by the Government, etc.

The eligibility criteria of each scholarship differ from the other one. Hence, applicants below 35 applying for the MS scholarships must review the requirements. On the other hand, available benefits of the Petroleum university scholarships are; accommodation, monthly stipends of RMB 2000, health coverage, and fee waivers. Acceptable language tests for these scholarships are IELTS & TOEFL.


The Chinese Academy of Science, in partnership, with The World Academy of Science, aims to help future researchers and Doctoral students belonging to the science and technology fields via CAS-TWAS scholarships in their scientific research programs. Around 200 applicants can win this scholarship and receive financial support in terms of a monthly stipend of RMB 7,000 to 8,000, a travel package, living expenses, etc.

However, interested applicants must not be older than 35 years old and hold an MS degree. Meanwhile, needed documents for CAS-TWAS scholarships include a Recommendation letter, Reference Letter, Resume, etc. IELTS & TOEFL scores are eligible to apply for the sponsored program.

12# Chinese Trade Unions Silk Road Scholarships:

The CTUSRS program claims to build a healthy relationship between the China Trade Union and other countries by offering fully-funded doctorate scholarships to overseas doctorate students. It is a one-year scholarship that allows candidates to learn the Chinese language and enjoy full tuition fee relaxation, health premiums, stipends every month, and other essential funds.

Interested applicants other than the People’s Republic of China must be under 45 with work experience and good mental and physical health. IELTS scores are not mandatory, but a CV with a reference letter, academic transcripts, study plan, etc., are significant to submit.

13# Tianjin University Scholarships:

The next one on our list is Tianjin University, a famous name in China offering a variety of degree courses in diverse fields to deserving overseas applicants. Meanwhile, potential candidates planning to complete their Ph.D. degree from this institute under a scholarship program can apply for the following scholarships with applauding academic coverage; International Student Scholarship, CGS-Bilateral Program, Chinese Government Sponsored Scheme, ASEAN scholarship, and many more.

Eligibility might vary for each mentioned scholarship. But, applicants with no language proficiency proof can submit TOEFL & IELTS scores.

14# East China Normal University Scholarships:

East China Normal University is another reputable name known for offering funded scholarships to Doctoral students who cannot afford the educational expenses of higher studies in China. To facilitate these financially underprivileged students, East China University has announced various scholarships, like Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship, Confucius Scholarships, Excellent Degree Scholarships, etc.

However, winners will enjoy unlimited benefits to cover their personal and academic finances till the degree completion.

15# Nanjing University Scholarships 2023-2024:

Last but not least is Nanjing University, a place where students from any state are welcome to make their dreams come true and enjoy tuition-free education via sponsored scholarship schemes. Nanjing University offers great opportunities to students eager to pursue doctoral studies here with no financial worries via various scholarships, like Confucius China Studies Program, Nanjing Municipal Scholarship, Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship, etc.

Meanwhile, valuable benefits with scholarship rewards are waiting for deserving candidates. However, acceptable language tests are IELTS, DET, & TOEFL for Nanjing scholarships.

16# ANSO Scholarships:

ANSO scholarships are the fully-funded programs for international Ph.D. students offered by the USTC, UCAS, & CAS institutes in China. It is a golden chance for young researchers and scholars to conduct research activities in China under this scheme. The scholarship duration is about 48 months which grants unlimited benefits to the scholars, like fee waivers, monthly allowances, air tickets for round trips, health coverage, application fee exemption, etc.

Considering the eligibility requirements for ANSO Ph.D. scholarships, non-Chinese students must be born after January 1, 1993, and do not avail of any other scholarship while applying for this program. However, to show English language proficiency, IELTS/ TOEFL/ English certificates are enough.


17# Confucius Institute Scholarships:

The valuable fully-funded Confucius Institute Scholarship is the program launched by the Confucius Institute and Chinese universities for international students. That scholarship aims to promote the Chinese language and culture among the students willing to pursue BS degrees at Chinese institutes. Meanwhile, the scholarship duration for this fully-funded program is four years for Bachelor’s degree students.

However, non-Chinese applicants with a good GPA and stable health, below age 20, are eligible for the Undergrad CIS programs. Meanwhile, IELTS / TOEFL scores are acceptable tests to prove language proficiency.

Benefits of the CIS schemes for undergraduate degrees include full tuition fee waivers, accommodation, living allowances of RMB2,500/ month, and medical insurance.

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